Stefan Sauer – International Tax advisor / German Tax Advisor
Having obtained my baccalaureate as well as my apprenticeship as an industrial manager at a subsidiary of BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, I was able to accumulate valuable experience in business and economics.
In 1992, I began my studies of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim, graduating in 1998 with a Master of Economics (Dipl. oec.). Afterwards, I worked for a globally renowned international assurance and tax company (‘Big Four’) and prepared for the German Tax Advisor exams. In 2002, I successfully completed the tax exams and was appointed German Tax Advisor.
After working for a prestigious law firm in Stuttgart, I decided to fulfill my dream in 2004 and started my own company. Since then, I have not only built up my company, but also continued to further my expertise in 2006 with the 'CINA' in International Accounting, which includes US GAAP and IFRS, as well as receiving a specialized degree in 2008 as a 'Certified Specialist in International Taxation'. Up to this day, international tax is one of my main focuses.

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